Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a benefit's profile?
A: An easy to use data sheet which outlines your current benefits program and allows us to understand your benefits needs.

Q: How do we know which products are right for our employees?
A: We meet with you at your convenience to discuss the specifics of the program, how the products offered can meet the needs of your employees and the steps involved in preparing for the employee enrollment period.

Q: How will this effect our payroll department?
A: Once we have authorization to begin, we will work with your payroll department to set up payroll deduction billing that will be most efficient to your company.

Q: How do we create interest in the program?
A: To help generate interest in the program, we provide communication materials for distribution to your employees prior to the open enrollment period.

Q: How do you communicate with our employees?
A: During the open enrollment period, we meet with employees to advise them of the additional benefits you are offering and show them how these benefits can help them.

Q: When will payroll deductions begin?
A: Once the program is in place, we will work with your payroll department to begin deductions as quickly as possible.

Q: What about service issues?

A: We meet with existing employees and newly eligible employees at least once a year or more frequently depending upon your needs.

Q: Who handles employee questions and claims?

A: Questions and claims are handled directly by The West Coast Agency. Plus, there are dedicated Home Office toll-free telephone numbers policyholders may use anytime during normal working hours.